Ultion Locks

Ultion Door Locks offer double the sacrificial protection of normal locks, equating to unparalleled security and peace of mind. 

Ultion is the flagship lock in the Brisant lock range, adopting trademark dual colour and non-handed benefits.

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Ultion Door Locks Birmingham, West Midlands

Unrivaled Protection.

So how does it achieve unrivaled protection? Well, through a hidden lock which activates in the event of intrusion.

Without Ultion Door Locks forced entry is easily achieved, a prospect quite worrying for homeowners across the world.

Though a standard lock can be removed within 10 seconds, Ultion Door Locks activate a lock down mode which is impossible to penetrate, even with a drill!

Drilling a substance 25% denser than iron is not something which happens quickly or quietly!

With security equitable to Fort Knox, Ultion Locks are a worthwhile investment for assurance/peace of mind.

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Product Features

Ultion Locks were approved by locksmiths around the world after surviving a test designed by the Master Locksmith Association.

  • Double the sacrificial protection
  • Most locks have 5-6 pins, Ultion uses 11. This equates to a staggering 294,970 key combinations
  • Complete with an anti-pick pin
  • Bump attack protection
  • 20 point drill protection
  • Self-cleaning keyway.
  • Pins crafted from hardened steel
  • Lockdown mode activated inside Ultium’s molybdenum core.
  • 10 year £1000 guarantee if a burglar manages to break through the lock!
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Every window we provide is A+ Rated as per the Government approved Window Energy Ratings Scheme. It ranges on a scale from A+ to G, with G being the lowest and A+ Rated being the most energy efficient.

Why Choose Reliant Windows Ultion Locks

  • Molybdenum Molybdenum can withstand staggering pressures and is even used in aircraft production!

  • Ultion Key Control Your keys are linked to you and you only, with no one being able to cut keys without your permission

  • SS312 Diamond Approved Standard Cylinder Minimize your risk of being a victim with a watermarked stamp of approval.

  • Ultion Keycap Keycaps bring an element of style to proceedings, but most importantly help you distinguish one key from the next with a variation of stylish colors to choose from.

  • KeyRing Another cool feature of Ultion Locks is the ability to track your key using a smart device.

  • Self-cleaning Properties Ultion Door Locks remain clean because they don’t use magnets or contain large holes. In the event of debris collecting on the surface Ultion Locks can be wiped clean very easily.

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