COVID-19: How we are responding

In light of the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19, we just wanted to confirm that it’s currently BUSINESS AS USUAL at Reliant Windows.

We have taken full precautions by following the Government guidelines and we are ready to fulfil our orders as normal. Our supply chain is currently intact and we will be reviewing our procedures and operating terms on a daily basis. All phone calls and contact will be responded to, it may take a little longer than usual as we have structured a number of our staff to work from home to suit personal situations, but you will be contacted and thank you for all your communications, which are greatly valued by all at Reliant.

Just a thought, during tough times, we shall look after those closest to us and do what we can for the most vulnerable. Physical and mental health are going to be incredibly fragile with the uncertainty that we’re all facing.

Please try and keep the faith and adhere to the advice and information out there to ensure the greatest good. We wish the best of health to our customers and everybody ❤️#relyonreliant