Georgian Windows

Beautifully Made High Quality Georgian Windows. These Windows have been modeled to replicate the classic and traditional timber windows.

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Georgian Windows

Georgian Windows

Secure and quality Georgian Windows in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Modern Georgian windows have the elegance and style of tradition but also exhibit performance, improving home security and a high level of thermal efficiency compared to their predecessors.


Astragal bars on the glass and Georgian bars inside the glass are two options for Georgian windows. Astragal bars are planted on to the window sealed glass unit both internally and externally. The effect is to project a window with separate panes of glass, giving the window a real traditional, period feel.


Alternatively, you can have Georgian bars set inside the glass sealed unit, which means that they are contained between the panes of glazing. Rather than being added to the outside of the glazing, they are sealed within the unit interior.


Both options will suit and enhance a variety of home styles, whether you're looking for traditional or contemporary. The choice is a personal preference and at Reliant Windows you have both options available, giving you creative control of your home. There is also the added option of both double glazing and triple glazing to ensure security and energy loss prevention with your investment.

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So, why choose our Georgian Windows?



We offer a wide range of styles to effortlessly match your property.


Energy Efficient

Our Georgian Windows are durable and energy efficient.



Our Georgian Windows require little or no maintenance.


Easy To Clean

Our Georgian Windows are easy to clean.


Adds Value

Our Georgian Windows provide a timeless elegance to your property.

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