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PVCu and Aluminium windows plus double glazed and triple glazed units in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and the wider West Midlands. Choose from a range of different styles including sliding sash, casement and Georgian windows.

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All of our PVCu windows are A+ Rated as standard

Every window we provide is A+ Rated as per the Government approved Window Energy Ratings Scheme. It ranges on a scale from A+ to G, with G being the lowest and A+ Rated being the most energy efficient.

Double Glazing

Quality double glazed windows in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and the West Midlands.

Reliant Windows can provide your home with the latest in double glazing and triple glazing units. Areas that we fit in, include Birmingham, Wolverhampton and the wider West Midlands region. 

At Reliant Windows we have taken quality double glazing to an enviable level, utilising A+ Rated (Window Energy Ratings – WERs) as standard.

A combination of highly specified glass, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas to fill the void between the two panes ensures a quality interior. Coupled with premium quality uPVC frames and high security locking systems, you can rely on Reliant Windows to improve your home with stylish, secure, energy efficient double glazed windows that will add real value to your property.

Sliding Sash Windows

A modern take on sash windows in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Sash Windows provide an elegant alternative to your usual traditional window style. Reliant can provide sliding sash windows that offer a traditional sash window aesthetic with the functionality of a modern window.

Enjoy a classic style with the low maintenance and high security of double glazing with a uPVC window. Forget about the upkeep issues you'd experience with timber sash windows, our sliding sash windows are designed to offer a stunning end product without compromising on flexibility.

Windows feature tilting upper and lower sashes for ease of cleaning, low line beads and gaskets for improved sight lines, energy efficient glass to reduce your heating bills and child safety restrictors. Mock sash horns are also available to reflect an authentic feel.

Available in a wide range of styles, colours and hardware options, this type of window provides the benefits of modern day technology as well as a stunning look to complement your home.

Replacement Windows in the West Midlands

Reliant Windows can provide your home with attractive, durable, energy efficient and secure PVCu and Alumnium Windows.

Nothing adds to the value and appearance of your home quite like new windows.

Whether you're looking for flat windows, casement windows, bows or bays, we've got you covered. 

We can offer brilliant White, Golden or Irish Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany and many other colours or finishes to complement the overall look of your home.

Georgian and Astragal bars, stained, bevelled or leaded, help finish off the perfect product.

Our expertly manufactured and installed windows will perform to the highest standards year after year, providing consistently high security locking and energy efficiency.

You can check out our range of PVCu colours to the right. From wooden finishes to slate grey, white, cream and even brighter colours, there's something to suit every style. All window options are available in both double glazing and triple glazing for added security and heat loss prevention.

Choose from oak, mahogany, rosewood, teak and walnut if you opt for a wooden finish. Each style maintains the Reliant guarantee of secure, efficient and competitively priced. 

Triple Glazed Windows

Quality Triple Glazed Windows in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Triple glazed windows are a staple in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, designed to combat heat loss in extremely cold climates and are becoming more and more popular in the United Kingdom.

At Reliant Windows, you can experience quality triple glazed windows and the increased energy efficiency and sound reduction they can provide for your home.

The extra pane of glass helps to reduce energy consumption within your home and contributes to lower heating bills.

Triple glazed windows from Reliant Windows have capabilities of achieving a U-value as low as 0.8, compared to single glazed windows with a U-value of over 5, along with the benefit of improved acoustic performance – all while maintaining the attractive appearance and sightlines to enhance the value of your home.

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Casement Windows

Wide selection of casement windows in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Casement windows are the most popular type of replacement window style in the country as they offer a versatility in terms of style in any climate.

Available in a wide range of finishes, colours and suitable for both double glazing and triple glazed options, their popularity is centred around the fact that they can be designed and manufactured with maximum flexibility in mind.

Whether you're looking to maintain continuity with the style of your home or make a completely fresh statement with your property, casement windows can fit into your plans.
The vast majority of casement windows are side-hinged and incorporate a horizontal sash, which will contribute towards better air flow in your home.

Expertly designed, manufactured and installed, Reliant Windows are the perfect choice for premium quality, highly secure and energy efficient casement windows to improve your home.

Georgian Windows

Secure and quality Georgian Windows in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Modern Georgian windows have the elegance and style of tradition but also exhibit performance, improving home security and a high level of thermal efficiency compared to their predecessors.

Astragal bars on the glass and Georgian bars inside the glass are two options for Georgian windows. Astragal bars are planted on to the window sealed glass unit both internally and externally. The effect is to project a window with separate panes of glass, giving the window a real traditional, period feel.

Alternatively, you can have Georgian bars set inside the glass sealed unit, which means that they are contained between the panes of glazing.
Rather than being added to the outside of the glazing, they are sealed within the unit interior.

Both options will suit and enhance a variety of home styles, whether you're looking for traditional or contemporary.

The choice is a personal preference and at Reliant Windows you have both options available, giving you creative control of your home.

There is also the added option of both double glazing and triple glazing to ensure security and energy loss prevention with your investment.